Collagen comprises over one-third of the protein in your dog's body. Think of collagen as the glue holding the contents of the body together.

As your dog grows and ages from puppy to senior, collagen productions slows down. Over time this is when most arthritic issues start to surface, and skin and coat quality may decline.  Supplementing with collagen not only is great for hip and mobility, it has a variety of other benefits.

Our unique collagen gelatin protein for dogs is produced in the USA and sourced from the highest quality pork.  It is specially formulated for dogs of all breeds, ages, and stages to ensure they love the taste, and you love the ease.

An independent lab tests our collagen to ensure it is free from hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics. It is 100% natural, non GMO, and grain free.

Just like in humans, animal collagen can provide man's best friend with benefits that can provide a major difference in their health.  With only a single sourced premium ingredient, our collagen gelatin protein powder for dogs helps improve mobility, boost the quality of skin and coat health, improve the digestive function, and increase overall stamina.

- Increases Mobility

- Supports Hips & Joints

- Improves Skin & Coat

- Helps Gastrointestinal Health

- Reduces Inflammation

For best results, the daily amount should be divided into two servings and sprinkled over their meals.

Pet Weight         Twice Daily

00-10 lbs           .5 tsp

11-25 lbs             1 tsp

26-40 lbs        .5 tbs

41-55 lbs          .75 tbs

56-70 lbs          1 tbs

71-85 lbs         1.25 tbs

86-100 lbs         1.5 tbs

Supplementing your dogs kibble or raw diet with collagen gelatin protein on a daily basis will result in incredible benefits in as little as four weeks. 

You will notice an increased level of energy, alertness, and readiness to do more as a result of your pets body feeling better.

It is important to be patient and consistent in ensuring you don't miss a daily dose. The body has to absorb the protein over time and start to store the missing collagen it needs to reach optimal health.

It is important to continue your dog on collagen gelatin protein. If you stop supplementing with collagen the benefits will cease to exist.

Our Difference


Our Collagen Gelatin Protein for canines is made of one ingredient Collagen Gelatin, which is 90% protein, 10% moisture and sourced solely in the USA. The rich protein source is free of soy, grain, wheat, and dairy; having no artificial flavoring or ingredients.


Today, our products are recommended by veterinarians, pet rehabilitation facilities, and specialty pet stores. Step Above for pets is used by working dogs, top breeders, trainers, and enlightened dog owners everywhere.


Does your puppy have skin allergies? Trouble with digesion? Is your dog a senior and starting to have challenges with hips and joints? Are you looking for a great preventative healthcare supplement? Collagen protein is a great supplement for all ages, stages, and breeds.

What our clients say

Collagen for People

At all ages, collagen can provide many preventative benefits including promoting lean muscle growth, preventing bone loss, relieving joint pain, promoting a healthy immune system, and stimulating the production of healthy skin and nails. Collagen provides added benefits of increased stamina, improved mood, better appetite.

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