Our Story


Co-founder and world-renowned dog trainer Alex Rothacker has fed his supplemental collagen formula for over two decades.

In that time, Alex’s dogs have set over 10 Guinness World Records, not to mention enjoyed improved health and exceptional longevity. Step Above CGP is currently being used by police K-9 units, top breeders, competitive trainers, veterinarians and enlightened dog owners around the world.

Alex began working out at the age of 14 and training dogs at 16. As a kid, he always wanted to set records and has set world records in weightlifting and with his dogs Guinness World Records. Back then there wasn’t much knowledge of the benefits of collagen or gelatin. Many people were using steroids as a way to bulk up. He thought there must be a natural alternative to them. And the rest is part of our history.

Before collagen, there was gelatin. It was a natural alternative to steroids and had many of the same benefits. Immediately, he saw the results when incorporated into his nutritional routine. At this time, he was still training police dogs and his own dog Sweat Pea. One of the things he kept noticing were repetitive stress injuries in the dogs. Mostly in the shoulders in knees, it was a big issue with little chance to repair. After consulting with veterinary professionals, he wanted to start testing the gelatin on the dogs that was helping keep his tendons and ligaments strong.

Eventually as most technology does, advancements were made in research of the health benefits of gelatin and ultimately, it’s bio-actively identical cousin collagen. Before collagen was used, gelatin had to be mixed with water plain like Jello. Not very appetizing. But with the discovery of collagen, he could finally mix into liquids and incorporate more easily into his daily diet.

That brings us to Step Above Proteins. Founded in 2013, Alex and his business  partners Bill Sztym, Michael Minik, and Derick Goodman wanted to bring the benefits tested for over forty-years to people around the world. Now, there is a formula for dogs, humans and horses. That’s a step above the rest.  

Check out Step Above in action. Hondo was a severely injured police dog who is now back on the force.